Definition of Addiction

So what is the definition of addiction?  In my words, it is the endless cycle of repeating an action by a person or animal regardless of the person or animal’s wishes to stop the action. So, if a person is willing to repeat an action, I think it is not considered an addiction, rather it simply refers to a person repeating an action. Only when a person’s wish is not granted, and when a person does not have control over repeating an action, the action becomes an addiction. So, a recreational drug user may not be addicted to drugs until he finds out that he cannot stop using.

In the eye of a drug user, addiction is bad, and using a drug to enjoy one’s self is good. So in that sense, not all drug users have an addiction problem. However, because of the penalties brought forth by the law, drug users can be sent to jail or have legal problems. Nonetheless, the use of drugs most often leads to addiction because of the nature of drugs: they weaken a person’s body and mind and soul. And that is when people often do not want to use drugs and find themselves not able to quit.