So, what are the implications? In other words what can I do with the new discovery? I’ve told many people about it, but none have reported back to tell me that it worked. Some people will chose not to listen and some will chose to listen. Some people might actually change their diet to a pescatarian/vegan diet, while others might simply keep their current diet. With the new discovery, I hope professionals will conduct research, so they can find out clearly if the pescatarian/vegan diet will reduce cravings, not only for alcohol and cocaine, but also for other drugs that people suffer from.

Once a clear consensus is reached, professionals can promote the diet to people, who are addicted to certain drugs. I think this is a great way to cure drug addiction because it respects people’s will. A person’s will is based on their wishes and their freedom to choose. So if a person wishes to use drugs, the ideology is to let them keep using the drug. My hope is that once other people change their diet to a vegan/pescatarian diet, their wish will change; instead of wanting cocaine and/or alcohol, I hope that their wishes will be in other areas of life, such as taking care of themselves.