The Hypothesis

So, my hypothesis is based on my experiences with crack cocaine and alcohol. My hypothesis is also based on my experiences with different foods that I have been consuming. It is also far-fetched and hard to understand for some people. Yet it is very simple and straightforward. Because we are all humans we are all alike.

So, why do people abuse drugs and alcohol? With some luck and dedication, I found a unique way to quit using crack cocaine and abusing alcohol. It is based on the fact that both alcohol and cocaine come from a plant, so in general, they should both exhibit a positive effect on the body. That is very hard to understand because, first, there is a negative connotation associated with alcohol and cocaine. And second, we commonly see drug addicts and alcoholics suffer the long-term and short-term consequences.

By positive I mean that alcohol and cocaine have a temporary curing effect on the body. What is alcohol and cocaine trying to cure? From my experience, I believe that they are curing our body from damage brought about by foods that we are not supposed to be eating. It is difficult to explain because it is something that we cannot see. But from trial and error, I was able to notice the difference when I ate certain foods and then other foods. The rate at which I used alcohol and crack slowed down when I ate seafood and/or plant-based foods. And then the rate at which I used alcohol and crack increased when I consumed meat or dairy that comes from land-based animals, such as chickens, pigs, and cows.

Why did this happen for me? I think that since alcohol and cocaine are drugs that affect the brain and its structures, food that is derived from land-based animals affect the brain’s structures negatively. By writing “negatively”, I mean that, when eaten, food derived from land animals leaves chemical compounds behind in the brain and interferes with the existing human brain structure. Then, our brain senses this interference and irregularity and then signals our body to cure it.

For people who have access to crack cocaine or alcohol, this can mean an almost endless struggle to achieve equilibrium in the body. After a whole day or a couple of days of using drugs or alcohol, any chemicals associated with eating food derived from land-based animals may have left the body via urine and fecal matter. However, users unknowingly go about their routine and eat a combination of foods that are derived from land animals. Thus, the cycle repeats itself.

Well, why is seafood alright to eat and not land animals? Seafood is derived from animals that have not eaten land plants now and in their evolutionary past. In my opinion, plants have enabled land animals to become more complex compared to life in the ocean. That is why I believe that I was able to stop using crack cocaine and alcohol when I stopped eating food derived from land animals. And I am both assuming and hoping that, since I was able to stop in this way, others can too.