The Story

The story of how I stopped abusing alcohol and using drugs is quite exciting for me to share. I have stopped using crack cocaine in 2009. I had started to use crack when I was 23 years old, just out of curiosity. It took me 10 year to stop using it. At the beginning I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it for six years. But after that I wanted to quit. I tried moving away from my old neighborhood, but I kept using crack cocaine. After a while, I was in a situation where I had to leave my family and my house. Although I liked using the drug, I was trying to find ways to stop using.

I tried smoking crack a lot, thinking that I would get tired of it and never use the drug again. That didn’t work. I tried praying. That didn’t work. I just couldn’t stop smoking crack. After years went by I realized one day that certain days I would use less crack and drink less alcohol. Soon I found out that the food that I ingested had an effect on how much and how often I used crack cocaine and alcohol. So, for a year and a half, I purposely ate a category of food at a time. I had created categories based on the type of food. The main categories are chicken, beef, pork, seafood, plant-based foods and dairy foods.

So, for three to five days, I would eat chicken and plant-based foods, and then, for three to five days, I would eat beef and plant-based foods, and then, for three to five days, I would eat seafood and plant-based foods, and then, for three to five days I would eat foods that contain dairy and plant-based foods. Also, I tried eating a vegan diet, which is a diet that consists solely of foods derived from plants. To my astonishment, I had used less crack cocaine and drank less alcohol for certain food categories. Also, my mental state, while under the influence, was different depending on which food category I had ate prior to using and drinking.That was so exciting. I diligently continued my experiment, repeating it as many times as I can, so I could be sure of my results. I found out that I had drank less alcohol and used less crack cocaine when I ate plant-based foods and/or seafood.

Then I found out that we come from one original species that evolved towards the beginning of earth’s history and that life on land originated from the ocean. So, hundreds of millions of years ago, there was a time when life only existed in the ocean. Soon, the fish evolved to become amphibians, and then those amphibians evolved to become different animals that we see today including us. But it was difficult for me to understand why I used less crack cocaine and drank less alcohol if I omitted beef, chicken, pork, and dairy from my diet. Clearly, the animals are different, but why would that affect the frequency at which I drank alcohol and smoked crack cocaine?

My hypothesis is that I used less crack and drank less alcohol when I ate a plant-based diet and/or seafood diet because I did not eat animals that have been eating plants now and in their evolutionary history. In other words, cows eat grass and chicken and pigs eat grains, so their bodies are different from that of a fish. Fish eat other fish and small organisms such as plankton, but they do not eat land-based plants. Although some fish eat seaweed, it has a different structure compared to land plants, and its complexity is only a fraction of that of land-based plants. I hypothesize that land-based animals, and of course dolphins and whales, are unique from sea animals because they have bodies that are more complex, which were made possible by consuming land-based plants.